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Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I have to place my order?

The sooner the better. For tents and large scale events, you should be thinking of one or two months in advance, or even earlier if you can. For small orders, usually a week or two weeks is sufficient.

What type of payment options do you offer?

We accept Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We also offer 30 day billing to clients with approved credit.

Is there a delivery charge?

Yes, there is a delivery charge. The charge is determined by Zip Code. The delivery charge does not include set up and breakdown of the rented items. Rental items will be dropped off to the nearest and convenient ground level or loading dock. Please call for rates on special situations. Our drivers are instructed to stack rentals in a mutually convenient place and should be ready for pickup the same way.

What about delivery and pickup after-hours, weekends and holidays?

Yes, this service is available for an additional fee provided we have advance notice. Some restrictions apply, so please call for details.

Can you deliver without my being there?

Yes, provided that we can leave equipment in a garage or on a covered porch and you have already signed and faxed back a rental contract to our office.

What is your cancellation charge for orders?

A 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required on all reservations. Deposit will be forfeited if reservation is cancelled at any time. If order is cancelled within 3 days prior to the scheduled "time and date out" renter will be charged a 50% restocking fee.

Will your delivery driver carry tables & other rentals into my house, downstairs etc.?

No, we cannot do this for insurance and liability reasons. Our delivery personal will stack them in a mutually convenient location and pick them up from the same point. Most often this would be your back yard or front door. Anything beyond that is your responsibility.

Do you set up the tables and chairs?

This service can be provided for an extra fee depending on the time of year and the scope of what is required. Please call our office for information.

Do I have to wash the linen?

No. They will be laundered anyway so just shake them out to remove any debris. Don’t pack them in a plastic bag if they are wet because they will mildew over the course of a weekend. If any linen or skirting is damaged, burned or mildewed, you will be responsible for the replacement cost of that linen unless the damage waiver has been taken out.

What about losses?

Breakage, missing or weather damaged items are charged at retail replacement value. A damage waiver fee of 6% is available. Please call our office for details concerning your specific rental order.

Do I have to wash the dishware, glassware, flatware?

No, but rinsing and/or scraping them free of food and debris is required. Cleaning charges will apply if the items are not returned in a reasonably sanitary condition.

How many glasses do I need?

The rule of thumb is a glass and a half per person.

I’ve got a price from a competitor and it’s lower; will you match it?

Yes, as long as it is reasonable in nature and the products you’re comparing are the same. The truth is that’s usually not the case and especially for commercial or large scale productions you should know what your supplier’s track record is. Not everyone has done what we have over the last 30 years or has the design knowledge and experience to complete your event needs and execute them in a safe and professional manner. If prices are significantly different there’s usually a reason. Ask why before you compare on price alone.